Frequently ask Questions

Our FAQ section is a first step in solving your problems. We list the most common questions and make sure to update them as often as possible.

1- How do I install IntegraPortation ? And how should I setup Sage 50 ?

                  If you need help to Install IntegraPortation and configure Sage 50 just follow the steps on this tutorial.

2- I need to update my Sage 50, do I need to update my IntégraPortation? and how should I do it?

                Yes, when you update your Sage 50 software, you must update your IntégraPortation software. This is not difficult, just follow the steps listed in this blog post.

3- The software I want to import to Sage 50 or Sage Accounting does not seem to be in the compatible software list, how?

              Our Software is very flexible and we are continuously adding new compatible software to our list. Contact our team and they will be happy to answer you.

4- I import both USD currency and CAD, can IntegrationPortation import different currencies?

                IntégraPortation is a multi-currency software, so there is no problem importing any currencies.

5- What version and type of wise 50 do I need to work with IntegraPortation?

                IntégraPortation works with Sage 50 versions from 2016.3 to today. It also works with all 3 types of Sage 50: Pro, Superior and Quantum.

6- If there is a problem, do you have a support team

              Our support team will be there to help you in case of any problem. We recommend the use of the support form, because it allows us to have directly information on your problem. But it is also possible to reach us by phone.

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