Sage 50

Sage 50 Accounting Pro is the ideal solution for small businesses that have a company, a location and a user and need a dynamic business and accounting management solution.

  • Effectively manage all your financial transactions, cash flow, budget, projects and inventory in two currencies.
  • Prepare and track payments, bills and taxes in an easy way.
  • Switch from English to French on the fly.
  • You are assured that your financial data is accurate through a permanent audit trail.
  • Streamline your business operations by saving time and money, while giving your business a business edge.


Sage 50 Superior Accounting (2 or 4 users) is ideal for small businesses that need an accounting solution with advanced enterprise management tools to support multiple businesses, locations or users.

  • Make informed decisions based on real-time data.
  • Reduce storage costs by managing your inventory.
  • Have a better understanding of your financial situation with customizable reporting options.


Sage 50 Quantum Accounting (5+ Users) boosts productivity and efficiency in your workplace with its high-performance features that apply to every aspect of your business.

  • Stimulate staff productivity by granting access rights to up to 40 users.
  • Identify trends in your key report cards to ensure your success or make improvements.
  • Save on storage costs with serialized material management.