EDI IntegraPortation

 With IntegraPortation you can now import data from Connectivia EDI to Sage 50 !

If you are already using our IntegraPortation application you know you can import data into Sage 50 easily. If you don’t know yet IntegraPortation have a look on our introduction video !

With IntegraPortation you can now import data from Connectivia EDI to Sage 50 !

What is EDI ?

Electronic Data Interchange is the computer-to-computer exchange of business documents in a standard electronic format between business partners. EDI was at first created to replace paper and limit people involved in data processing. Instead, EDI documents can flow straight through to the appropriate application on the receiver’s computer and processing can begin immediately.

If you want to know more about EDI, read this article on EDI Basics.

One of the famous EDI is Connectivia which is developed by Tec company. Many suppliers are already using it: Costco, Rona, Wayfair, Patrick Morin, Home Hardware, Home depot.

Why should I connect IntegraPortation with my EDI?

EDI will exchange data with business partners but it won’t export data into your accounting software Sage 50. Our application will help you to import data from your EDI Connectivia into Sage 50 easily.

Do you sell products to supermarket and Connectivia is your EDI app ? IntegraPortation is compatible with Connectivia so you will be able to import your client order into Sage 50 and export your invoice by the click of a button ! Contact us here !



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